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Someone asked me once, as a kind of dig at the movie, “Why someone like Zoe would have a dress?”
I looked right at him and said, “There’s only one white dress a woman like Zoe would keep. Her wedding dress.”



Everything about this story makes me love them both all over again

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tyler hoechlin’s reaction to a fan telling him that he’s gorgeous [x]

"every time I look at her, I get this this hollow feeling in my chest, and it’s like it’s like someone literally took a shovel and dug a hole in me, and it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever had in my life, and I didn’t I didn’t know anyone could actually ever feel this bad."

Allison, hold on. You have to wait. Allison, wait for meThere’s no time dad. Wait, Allison. Wait!


maybe you don’t need to hear it, but i need to know that i said it


maybe you don’t need to hear it, but i need to know that i said it



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I Am Large, I Contain Multitudes

This trailer shows the beginning of the epic war that will be waged between Sarah and Rachel (the clones versus the Neolutionists) throughout season 2 and many more seasons to come. I believe “I Am Large, I Contain Multitudes” is symbolic of Sarah herself. With this line, I believe the writers are trying to convey to both the audience and to Rachel, that Sarah is not one to be toyed with. She is not just some street riff raft with a shady past, she is dangerous when crossed. She is resourceful, she is intelligent, she is brave, she is compassionate, and most of all, she is ever-changing. You never know what to expect from Sarah Manning and anyone who underestimates her is in for the shock of a life time.

Will You Prove Already Too Late?

This trailer depicts Delphine medically treating Cosima. We can deduce that Delphine is performing a medical exam on Cosima for one of two reasons (or possibly a combination of both for that matter) 1) For the Dyaad institute’s invasive research on the clone’s biology OR 2) Delphine is performing said medical tests in order to help Cosima figure out the biology behind Cosima’s illness in hopes of finding a cure.
Either way, the Walt Whitman line is especially telling here, “Will You Prove Already Too Late?”. Will any course of treatment that Cosima, Delphine, or the Dyaad institute try be effective enough to destroy Cosima’s disease before it destroys her?

For Every Atom Belonging to Me As Good Belongs to You

This trailer depicts my poor baby Alison being dragged into a creepy rape van by a bunch of middle-aged suits. The way in which the men handle Alison, shows that they do not look at her as a human being, with her own distinct feelings, values, and emotions. They see her as a laboratory rat that must be captured and put in its place. The line “For Every Atom Belonging to Me As Good Belongs to You” is one of my favorites from “Song of Myself” and is Whitman’s attempts at conveying that every part of him is in sync with every part of every other man or woman who has ever lived. Here Whitman expresses the idea that no part of his biology or part of his being is any better or worse than any other man or woman in the universe. Every part of him is equal to the same corresponding parts of every other human being. Thus, he is basically telling the reader in the most eloquent of ways, that all men and women are created equal, that every atom belonging to him is as good as the atom that belongs to you. This line is perfectly fit to Alison’s predicament because the viewer can tell that the men do not see her in the way Whitman urges us to see one another- they see her as something foreign and strange, and thus do not regard or care for her the way they would with their own sons or daughters, or even with themselves. Thus, the Orphan Black writing team is subtlety calling out the hypocrisy in all individuals that believe they are better than another race, creed, religion, sex, gender, etc, when in fact we are all made from the same genetic database, we are all interconnected, and thus, are equal.

Do You Guess I Have Some Intricate Purpose?

In this trailer, Rachel places Paul in between a rock and a hard place by telling him that he must choose between working for the Neolutionists and being loyal to Sarah. When Paul icily replies “What do you need me to do?”, clone clubbers everywhere let out an exasperated gasp of anger and surprise at big dick Paul. But I believe that “Do you guess I have some intricate purpose?” is the Orphan Black writers way of saying, “Wait clone club, hold on a minute, not everything is as it seems.” Instead of being a boring, robotic, command-giving dog that unfortunately some clone clubbers make Paul out to be, could it be that Paul’s placement as Rachel’s lackey could have some intricate purpose? We have already seen time and time again that Paul is far from what he seems. Could Paul be playing the “Snape” of the series and really collecting information from Rachel in order to protect Sarah and Co. Perhaps…..

I And This Mystery Here We Stand

Here we see Sarah on the run with Dario Naharis (shout out my seestras who are also Game of Thrones fans). Lumberjack/mountain man dude, Cal,  asks Sarah why she is always on the run, why can’t she stay in one spot for a bit and put down some roots? In usual Sarah Manning fashion, instead of answering a complex personal question, she jumps him and they have sexy time. I think the line “I And This Mystery Here We Stand” could have three possible meanings:

1) The most obvious one: I and this mystery relates directly to Sarah and the mystery of her biology, heritage, clone sisters, and creators.

2) The “I and this mystery” line could be applied to Cal’s point-of-view - I and this mystery- meaning him and Sarah. It is clear from the trailer that Cal seems more than a bit confused by Sarah’s actions and it wouldn’t surprise me if this wasn’t the first time Cal questioned Sarah’s thoughts, actions, and motives. Thus, the mystery could very well in fact be Cal’s perception of Sarah.

3) And lastly, “I and this mystery” could be applied to Sarah’s point-of-view in terms of Cal rather than the mystery of her clone heritage. By the looks and hair coloring, a lot of clone club has hypothesized that Cal may in fact be Kira’s father. The fact that Kira’s recent brush with death left her completely unharmed is a mystery to Sarah, and thus Kira’s biology, a composite of herself and Kira’s father, is a mystery to Sarah. What makes Kira special? What makes her different? And if Cal is the father, what role does he play in this whole thing?

All Truths Wait in All Things

In this trailer, we see Alison confessing her “crime” to Felix regarding Aynsley and her now infamous blue scarf. This one could have a deeper meaning, I’d love to hear other people’s interpretations, but to me, this quote simply summarized that the truth about who Aynsley actually was will come to light some time in season 2. Will the truth that Aynsley was not really her monitor to begin with send Alison over the edge? Will it lead to Alison discovering that her husband Donnie really is her monitor? We shall see……

I Do Not Talk of the Beginning or The End

Here we see Cosima and Rachel interacting for the first time. It appears Cosima is working for or is at least (seemingly) cooperating with Rachel and company due to the fact that she’s openly talking to Rachel without any forced constraints (unlike what we see in trailer number 3 with Alison and the suits). Rachel condescendingly quips “I hear you’re very clever” and my sassy science geek sister replies saying, “I was clever when I was like six.” You go Cosima! Anyway, apart from Cosima’s amazing sass, Rachel then begins to taunt Cosima about Katja Obinger’s respiratory illness. The camera then pans to my sweet little Cos, showing her looking defeated and afraid. She doesn’t reply to Rachel’s taunt, and thus, she does “not talk of the beginning or the end”. At least in the trailer, she does not mention to Rachel that she has begun to show symptoms of respiratory illness NOR does she talk to Rachel about the outcome of her future in regards to her health. Thus, she talks not of the beginning of her illness NOR of its possible end- and end that could lie in either her cure or her death.

I Talk Wildly I Have Lost My Wits

In this trailer, Sarah and Cal seem to be distressed about some current predicament that Sarah has gotten them in. Sarah is very resourceful, and very quick on her feet. But in this trailer, you can tell that she has begun to lose it, she literally “talks wildly” and at times completely incoherently. Tatiana perfectly shows how harried and dangerous Sarah is. She’s akin to a scared, wild, animal backed up into a corner; there is no telling what she will do next to save herself and the ones she loves.

One year later. This is our love letter back to you. Thank you.





do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

it’s called makeup

you can put eyeliner on a frat boy that doesn’t change the fact that’s he’s wearing a neon muscle shirt and nike flip flops





Tips and homespun for the apocalypse that sooner or later will end up coming.     So, keep well this post.

The tutorial for people who ain’t gonna die.

I’m reblogging this for future reference for when there is no more future.

PAVONI Couture Fall/Winter 2013